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PharmInVivo Ltd.

We have been working in this research area for decades at the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy at the University of Pécs.

We have a great expertise in a variety of experimental models with special emphasis on in vivo studies as well as a broad range of investigating techniques (functional, morphological, immunological, biochemical and molecular biological) for integrative analysis of pathophysiological processes and drug effects. The infrastuctural and personnel conditions as well as our well-equipped laboratories provide a good background for a complex approach to investigate inflammatory and pain mechanisms.

We have many national and international academic and industrial collaborations with pharmaceutical and biomedical companies. Our excellent international scientific reputation guarantees the high quality and reliability of the work.

Areas of research

We have several decades of expertise and international reputation in inflammation and pain research, drug discovery and preclinical development. We routinely perform a broad range of rodent models of inflammation (joint, lung, skin, gut) and pain (neuropathy, migraine, inflammatory pain), as well as complex, integrative investigational techniques, such as functional studies, in vivo and molecular imaging, histopathology, molecular biology, omics and bioinformatics




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