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Erika Pintér

Strategic & Research Director

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Personal information

Name and title: Erika Pinter M.D.; Ph.D.; D.Sc.
Date of birth: 19/02/1961
Nationality: Hungarian


Work experience

2013- Head of Department
2009- full professor
2002-2009 reader
1997-2002 senior lecturer
1990-96 junior lecturer
1985-1990 research associate, Department of Pharmacology Medical School of Pécs
Main activities and responsibilities: Teaching, research
Name and address of employer: University of Pecs
Type of business or sector: Academic

Education and training

1985 medical doctor
1991 special exam: clinical pharmacologist
1996 Ph.D. (medical sciences)
2003- Dr. habil. University of Pécs
2006 Doctor of Science – Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Personal skills and competences

Mother tongue: Hungarian
Other language: English

Technical skills and competences

Driving licence
Windows Office skills

Additional information

Scientific interest: neuro-immuno-pharmacology, inflammation. The role of capsaicin-sensitive sensory nerve endings in the regulation of microcirculation and neurogenic inflammation. Immunmodulatory effect of neurogenic inflammation. Anti-inflammatory effect of somatostatin and its analogues.

Citations: 3562
Hirsch index: 34 (Google Scholar)
i10-index: 70


Since 1988 Hungarian Physiological Society (committee member since 2013)
Since 1991 Hungarian Pharmacological Society
Since 1992 European Neuropeptide Club (president: since 2010)
Since 1995 Chamber of Hungarian Physicians
Since 1997 Hungarian Neuroscience Society
Since 1997 European Neuroscience Association
Since 1999 British Pharmacological Society

Fellowships, grants, awards:

1987 Max-Planck Fellowship, Bad-Nauheim, Germany, 2 months
1989 Max Planck Fellowship, Bad-Nauheim, Germany, 7 months
1998-1999 Royal Society/ NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship, King’s College, London,U.K., one year
2000-2003 OTKA T-032548 Hungarian Research Grant
2000-2003 ETT-03-382/2000 Research Grant of the Hungarian Ministry of Health
2001-2004 Wellcome Trust International Research Development Award
2001-2002 György Békésy Postdoctoral Fellowship
2003-2005 János Bolyai Research Fellowship
2003-2005 ETT-05-598/2003 Research Grant of the Hungarian Ministry of Health
2003 Innovative Pharmacologist Award -3rd prize
2003 Lajos Kisfaludy Award
2004-2007 OTKA T-046729 Hungarian Research Grant
2006-2008 ETT-287/2006 Research Grant of the Hungarian Ministry of Health
2006-2008 Peter Pázmány Hungarian Research Grant
2007 Excellence Award for the best publication, University of Pécs
2010-2013 OTKA-K-81984 Hungarian Research Grant
2010-2012 Baross Programme Research Grant
2011-2013 Richter Gedeon Research Grant
2012 Excellence Award for the best publication, University of Pécs
2012 „Pro Facultate Medicinae” silver grade, PTE ÁOK
2013-2016 Hungarian Brain Reseearch Program (NAP-A programleader)
2014- Szentagothai Advanced Researcher Fellowship
2014-2016 Collaborative OTKA-NN- (Hungarian-British) 114458
2014-2015 TAMOP 4.1.1.C, program leader
2016 “For the Hungarian Higher Education” Award-Ministry of Human Resources
2016-2018 Richter Gedeon Research Grant
2017-2020-“Pepsys” GINOP Research Grant
2017 Béla Issekutz Award
2017 Károly Moll Award

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