Experimental models – In vivo pain models of mice and rats

  1. Acute chemonociception: examination of nocifensive behaviours in the:
  • PMA (phorbol-myristil-acetate) and formalin (somatic) tests
  • Acetic acid-, magnesium-sulphate and phenylquinone-induced writhing test (visceral)
  1. Thermonociceptive tests:
  • Heat threshold measurements, RTX-, OLDA-, capsaicin-induced heat allodynia tests
  1. Mechanonocipetion tests: measurement of pressure and touch sensitivity thresholds
  2. Migraine and chronic neuropathy: Mouse/rat models of traumatic mononeuropathy, diabetic polyneuropathy, toxic polyneuropathy, and bone metastasis-induced neuropathic pain.

Models of acute and chronic stress

  1. Tail suspension and forced swim tests
  2. Chronic restraint stress
  3. Chronic variable stress

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